How to Launch Your Next Product or Program!

7 Steps to a Successful Launch!

Hey beautiful leader - I see you!

…YOU have BIG DREAMS for helping people to get their health back…

  • You are ready to show the world that new product or program you've been growing in the garden of your heart.

  • You want to package up your gifts and launch them into the waiting lives that need them!

But you're not sure where to start - you just need the "steps to success!"

THIS is the training you've been looking for!

You're a heart-centered entrepreneur and you need a heart-centered plan!

That’s why I created this mini-course training – to give you the PLAN you need!

In my eight years of building a heart-centered business, I've found 7 key steps to a SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH OF ANY PROGRAM OR PRODUCT...and I'm sharing those with you here!

This training includes:

  • A training video of the slideshow presentation where I teach you my secrets for 8 years of successful launches in a sustainable coaching business

  • A PDF of the several-page slideshow which attractively lays out my 7 key steps to a successful launch

  • The video training recording of walking you through how to use the PDF Packet 

  • A PDF guided packet for you to use along with the training, and fill out with your specific PLAN for your next launch!

What's included?

2 Videos
1 Text
2 PDFs
Bess Blanco
Bess Blanco
Mentor Coach & Founder, FRESH Start

About Your Mentor {Coach Bess}

Coach Bess founded FRESH Start in January of 2011 coaching over 150 clients in her first couple years, all while developing the FRESH Start program, which has been successfully used in creating lasting healthy lifestyle change in many families and individuals since. She soon found that the need for intuitive, gracious health coaching was great, and began mentoring others to carry the torch in order to reach more people with hope and healing. 

She soon realized this mission would need a training program, a course where several coaches could be empowered and equipped at once. The FRESH Start Coaching Academy & Certification was born in 2013 and continues to be a game-changer for faith-based coaches all over the US and even in Canada. 

She lives in the sunny southwestern desert of Arizona, staying busy along with husband Juan and family of one son (21) and 3 daughters (18, 15, 11) along with 2 high-maintenance fur-babies.

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