Get It Done {12-Week Action Plan for Online Business}

It's time to get it done in your business!

Hey you!

Yes, YOU - a powerhouse coach but weary with the process of doing it ALL for your biz...I have a couple questions for ya!

  • Are you tired of feeling like you’re “spinning your wheels” in your business?

  • Of taking course after course, but still not applying the knowledge?

  • Of being in the same place in your business month after month? (Or just NOT meeting your goals?)

What if I told you that now, you can CHANGE THAT?!


You can do it in the GET IT DONE GROUP!

This 12-week experience will take your business goals from “I wish I could…” to “It’s DONE!” 

This is NOT just another course, but rather a guided-action-group.

Beginning with “firming up” your mission, brand, business plan and content strategy, we’ll then move into 3 key areas of business building - your MESSAGE, your PLATFORM and your SYSTEMS!

You’ll move your business further ahead in the short 12 weeks of this course than you have all of last year! 

Get excited! 

This unique group is perfect for you to TAKE YOUR BUSINESS to the NEXT LEVEL!

I’ve been coaching powerful coaches in business building for years now, and have many happy clients to attest for the quality you receive when you work with me! 

You will NOT come out of this unique program the same, and your business won’t either!

Here’s what one happy coach said after working with me…

“Bess has a keen business sense & is helping me lay down a strong foundation for my business. She is absolutely kind and patient. I love that Bess tells the honest truth & will help you find the silver lining in everything.”

Another happy client said…

“Coach Bess is an awesome coach. She is laser-focused and meets you where you are to get you to the next level. She hits the mark every time.”

With BIG belief in YOUR biz success!

~ Coach Bess


Let's Get It Done in My Biz!

What's included?

7 Videos
23 PDFs


I'm ready to GET IT DONE!
Bess Blanco
Bess Blanco
Mentor Coach & Founder, FRESH Start

About the instructor

Coach Bess founded FRESH Start in January of 2011 coaching over 150 clients in her first couple years, all while developing the FRESH Start program, which has been successfully used in creating lasting healthy lifestyle change in many families and individuals since. She soon found that the need for intuitive, gracious health coaching was great, and began mentoring others to carry the torch in order to reach more people with hope and healing. 

She soon realized this mission would need a training program, a course where several coaches could be empowered and equipped at once. The FRESH Start Coaching Academy & Certification was born in 2013 and continues to be a game-changer for faith-based coaches all over the US and even in Canada. 

She lives in the sunny southwestern desert of Arizona, staying busy along with husband Juan and family of one son (21) and 3 daughters (18, 15, 11) along with 2 high-maintenance fur-babies.